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Encik Roslan Abdul Malek, the current Managing Director of Denergy Power Services, brings a wealth of experience in Generator Set operations and management to our organization. He possesses significant expertise in various services related to Generator Sets, such as installation, maintenance, and repair services.

Furthermore, Mr. Roslan’s diverse skills and experience also extend to emergency callouts and critical on-site repairs. His in-depth knowledge and technical expertise enable him to effectively manage and mitigate any issues that may arise, ensuring operational continuity and customer satisfaction.

As Managing Director, Mr. Roslan brings his dynamic leadership and strategic vision to the table. He is committed to the continuous development and growth of our company, ensuring we provide our customers with the highest quality products and services that meet their needs.

Encik Mohammad Farid Yahya

Encik Mohammad Farid Yahya is the Director of Denergy Power Services and brings with him extensive experience in managing various services related to Generator Sets, Generator Controllers, Generator Panels, Synchronizing Panels, and other electrical components.

Mr. Mohammad Farid Yahya is highly knowledgeable and proficient in the field of electrical systems, enabling him to effectively handle tasks and responsibilities related to generator set operations. As a competent individual, he assumes the responsibility for overseeing all operations and ensuring the efficient and reliable functioning of generator sets.

With his expertise and expertise, Mr. Mohammad Farid Yahya plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation and maintenance of generator sets, while also ensuring compliance with safety regulations and industry standards. Under his leadership, Denergy Power Services continues to deliver outstanding services and solutions to meet the diverse needs and requirements of our valued customers.