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Denergy Power Services Sdn. Bhd. is a trusted supplier of high-quality generator set spare parts in Malaysia. Our extensive range services caters to various models, ensuring reliable and genuine parts for optimal performance.

Sale and Purchase

Denergy Power Services Sdn. Bhd. specializes in the sale of both new and pre-owned generator sets. Our offerings are tailored to the specific requirements and specifications outlined by our esteemed clientele.

short & long term rent

Denergy Power Services Sdn. Bhd. offers professional generator set rental services to our valued customers. Our rental rates are tailored to individual needs, taking into consideration the specific usage requirements and capacity of the generator set.

Troubleshoot Panel AMF/Changeover/Synchronizing

Denergy Power Services provides troubleshooting of wiring as one of our key services. Our expert team is available to be dispatched to your site to ensure that all related works are executed flawlessly and effectively, allowing for proper maintenance of your generator set to keep it in excellent condition.

Servicing Engine/Radiator/Alternator

Maintenance is one of the services offered by Denergy Power Services. Regular maintenance is crucial for generator sets to ensure that they are always ready for operation. Our dedicated team at Denergy prioritizes the quality and care of generator sets, providing comprehensive maintenance services to ensure their optimal performance at all times.

Resistive Load Bank Daily Rent

Denergy Power Services Sdn. Bhd. also offers rental of Resistive Load Bank to customers, with rental rates based on the required KW capacity. We also provide rental of small-sized Load Banks for remote areas. The compact size of these Load Banks makes it convenient for customers or our team to transport them to challenging locations.

Upgrading generator panel, synchronizing panel

Professional upgrading of your panel generator set, synchronizing panel, MSB panel, and ATS panel, it is recommended to engage the services of a licensed and qualified electrician. They possess the expertise and knowledge to assess your specific requirements and carry out the necessary upgrades while adhering to safety standards and regulations.

Overhaul & Repairing Engine

To professionally overhaul and repair an engine, assess issues, disassemble, clean, replace/repair, reassemble to specifications, fill with fluids, test, tune, establish maintenance schedule, and consult a licensed mechanic.

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